Paragon Bank Branding

Paragon Bank is a local bank focused on helping people. But regardless of a bank’s accessibility, customers want to know they’re dealing with someone they can trust. To help build that sense of trust, inferno build a powerful brand around the bank’s newly created logo. With striking visuals and brash, clever messaging, Paragon shows local-bank care and big-bank reliability.

Paragon Small Business Capital Group Advertising

To help launch a new Paragon branch, inferno developed a logo for the Paragon Small Business Capital Group that fit within the larger Paragon brand. We also developed ads that allowed their new community to get to know the people who’d be serving them.

Paragon Bank Small Business Print Campaign

Getting a small business off the ground is often an uphill battle. And to help Paragon Bank connect with those struggling business owners, we created ads that highlight the people behind the bank – not a faceless group with strict guidelines, but caring experts who want to help people pursue their passions.

Paragon Bank Radio

Our radio campaign for Paragon positions them against big banks by highlighting the local roots and customer care that define their brand.

A locally owned bank dedicated to small-town values is in a war with the banking empire.


What’s a customer to do when local banking isn’t local any more?


Customer service isn’t a thing of the past when you think local.


Paragon Bank Birthday Cards

One of the best parts of knowing your customers is being able to celebrate milestones with them. For years, inferno has created fun, memorable cards to help Paragon provide a personal touch to their business by reaching out to wish customers a happy birthday.