Work December 3, 2013

Woodland Presbyterian School Grows Their Brand with inferno


Any good brand needs a solid foundation — a basic set of strengths and principles that remain firm, even as the company changes and grows. Woodland Presbyterian School takes the same approach to education. When they approached us to help them define their brand, we were more than happy to help.

Woodland provides a warm, family-like atmosphere that allows teachers to build a strong foundation for students based on their individual learning styles. That approach helps students prepare for success beyond their formative years. And it helped us determine the focal point for their brand.

We developed a new tagline for the school: Success Grows Here. This line perfectly communicates Woodland’s mission, while the “Grows Here” construction provides flexibility to deliver different messaging. We used that construction to highlight different aspects of Woodland in a series of print ads and posters for the school.

In each piece, we focused on real Woodland students and teachers, hoping to bring a bit of their school’s familial feel to the campaign.

Needless to say, we’re excited about how Woodland’s brand has grown in the last few months. Take a look and see what else grows at Woodland.