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Tradewind Group provides key market insights for B2B clients

Even before quarantines and lockdowns fundamentally changed how we interact with brands, Tradewind Group was looking for more opportunities to connect with both existing and potential customers.

Experts in market research and strategic sourcing for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, the Tradewind Group team is used to working behind the scenes. Collecting and analyzing data. Deriving meaningful insights. Developing marketing strategies for sustainable growth.

But unlike the clients they serve, Tradewind Group didn’t have many opportunities to connect directly with potential customers. So they needed a touchpoint that could showcase their expertise while keeping Tradewind Group top of mind for both existing clients and B2B leads.

Email marketing adds a new touchpoint to connect with clients

The solution was simple: Develop an email campaign using original data collected and analyzed by the Tradewind Group team. The inferno goal was to position Tradewind Group as experts in the field who actively monitor the latest trends, what’s going on in the market, and how this activity relates to their clients’ goals.

Enter Data Dive, a quarterly newsletter that delivers data-driven insights directly to the inbox of a potential lead. Every time a B2B lead opens the newsletter, they get new insights about the CPG industry and a reminder that the Tradewind team is there, available, and ready to help.

With any email campaign, the most important thing is developing content that people actually want to read. So, how did we craft an email newsletter that engages B2B customers? Here’s our recipe for success:

Develop a template.

We started by developing a template for Data Dive that would allow us to break up the content so readers can quickly get the highlights and then dive into the data.

Make it skimmable.

Given the depth of content provided, a quarterly newsletter made sense. It gives Tradewind Group time to perform original research. Our team helps translate the data and insights provided by Tradewind Group into an easy-to-skim infographic format. We also work closely with the Tradewind team to identify the most compelling insights that would keep readers engaged, given the length of the email.

Use clear, contextualized subject lines.

But it’s not just the content of the emails that matters. Every marketer knows that you can’t convert your customers if they never open your email. B2B leads get tons of emails every day, so we craft subject lines that get right to the heart of the content: [Infographic] 5 Tips for Success Post-COVID-19.

  • [Infographic] tells recipients the format for the content.
  • 5 Tips for Success Post-COVID-19 highlights the benefit for the customer and speaks to a timely concern for consumer packaged goods retailers.

Keep it educational – but include a clear CTA.

While many of the subscribers for Data Dive are repeat customers who love Tradewind Group, they still don’t want to hear about products and services 100% of the time.

Instead of focusing on self-promotion, Data Dive brings the insights to the forefront. Focusing on educational content makes the newsletter more interesting for subscribers, while still positioning Tradewind Group as a resource for strategic guidance, as well as market research.

Still, the goal of Data Dive is to entice B2B leads to work with Tradewind Group. Whether they simply want to see more of the data or are ready to partner with Tradewind Group, there is one clear call-to-action: Contact the Tradewind team.


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