Culture February 10, 2021

The inferno Team Shares What We’re Loving in the Month of February


Social distancing, mask wearing, and staying at home have made the idea of Valentine’s Day feel a little weird this year. While you might not be able to hug your friend, enjoy a date night, or share a meal with your neighbor, the inferno team put our heads and our hearts together to come up with a special list of things that we’ve been loving in the month of February. We hope this curated list gives you a fresh perspective to discover the love around you right at home.

During quarantine, we’ve dedicated more of our time to reading and curating our book collection. So we’ve been exploring a few different book-related resources. IndieBound has been an awesome resource to track down specific books at our local Memphis bookstores. Novel is our favorite local place, and they even deliver. We’ve also been loving the Libby app. You can borrow and read free ebooks and audiobooks using your Memphis Public Libraries card. -Derrick

I’ve loved cooking and creating new recipes with my family, including writing a recipe book that features many generations of family recipes, working on remodeling projects with my husband (who is a 4th generation carpenter), designing charcuterie boards for my husband to custom-make, and taking our puppy on more walks. -Amber

Spending extra time with my boyfriend doing things like hiking in Shelby Forest. -Mickey

I have been loving “The Daily Good” newsletter. It’s a 30-second read delivered to your inbox each morning with tips for self-care and sustainable living. Plus, the intro quote from their editor usually sets a positive tone for my day. The categories are typically something to listen to (music or a podcast), something to browse to purchase, a sponsored section, and then a read (article or recipe). I’ve also been loving this easy chocolate cake recipe. The recipe is super easy to follow because it was written for children. The cake is light and fluffy but super chocolatey, and just happens to be vegan. This past year, I’ve made it to celebrate an engagement and two birthdays, and I’ve whipped it up many nights when I was craving something sweet. -Sophie

I’m LOVING “Your Honor” on Showtime. Bryan Cranston is the lead, and it’s nonstop stress but so good. -Alex

The current love of my life is my new precious pup, Flame! All she wants is cuddling and affection. I’ve had fun snuggling with her by the fire, taking her to the dog park, and teaching her all the ways to enjoy being a dog that she missed out on for the first six years of her life. -Liza

Lately, I’ve picked up embroidery, become a huge fan of BTS (it’s impossible not to be in a good mood when you watch their videos), and rediscovered my love for Korean dramas. Twice a week, my best friends and I get together to watch K-dramas (recently, “Her Private Life” and “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth”) with some soju and a home-cooked meal. -Anna

For me? Has to be the puppy. -Dan

My husband and I have loved loving our newest girl, Harper, over the past month! -Sarah

When I feel as if I could be getting overwhelmed, I enjoy lighting a candle. The fragrance from a candle is soothing to me and helps me regain my focus. My latest candle purchase was made at a local boutique I patronize frequently – the scent is called Serendipity. -Beverly

Listening to music sitting in this chair. With this guy in my lap. Sipping one of these over ice. -Robert

What I have been loving so far in 2021 is poetry. I made it a point at the beginning of the year to choose more unconventional “reads” for me. I wanted to get lost in books that were not simply the novels at the top of the bestseller list. So, branching out to poetry was one of my goals, and I’m loving Lucille Clifton’s work and Kate Baer. -Colleen