Work August 26, 2020

The DNA of Transnetyx Office Branding


The internal design of your office space can make or break the experience of customers and employees alike. Your business should have a space that is not only inviting, but that also reinforces the core values and mission of your brand.

For Transnetyx, it’s important for their employees to see the impact their services have on the world of science. Their fast, easy, and accurate genotyping helps accelerate the research of scientists worldwide.

Our team at inferno stepped in to help Transnetyx showcase the major elements of the company – their global reach through work with universities, hospitals and bioscience companies around the world and how core values drive operations. Art Directors created an array of design concepts that captured what Transnetyx is all about. These concepts vary, showcasing researchers and various organizations worldwide benefitting from the trusted automated genotyping offered by Transnetyx. Other concepts serve as a reminder of the DNA of their Success: the core values and mission lived out by team members every day. Once the designs were complete, our Production Manager coordinated and oversaw the installation portions of these elements.

Now, when visitors walk throughout the facility, they are given a glimpse at the DNA of Transnetyx and what the company is all about – Serving research. Saving time.

Is your workspace in need of a refresh that reinforces your brand’s mission and values? inferno is ready to help make those concepts a reality.