Work January 18, 2013

Talking Golf Clubs Star in an Integrated Campaign for FedEx


When FedEx asked us to develop a campaign for their golf club shipping service, we wanted to make sure that the creative elements would catch golfers’ attention, and we wanted to make sure that customers could easily price and book club shipping for their next golf trip.

The hub at the center of our consumer campaign is a website that includes an interactive travel planner application. Developed by inferno, the application enables visitors to input their golf club and travel information, and then output shipping costs onto a calendar. The traveler can choose a shipping date ahead of their next golf trip and initiate a cost-competitive shipment.

The marketing campaign includes email, FedEx and third party web ads, mobile ads, FedEx Office® banners, and a how-to video. We also reached consumers at one of the most important “point of shipping” locations – golf pro shops. inferno developed a toolkit containing both printed and interactive marketing tools that pro shops can use to promote their own FedEx club shipping.

The entire campaign was given extra lift by cross-marketing it with the FedExCup® website, which inferno redeveloped as part of the project.