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COVID-19 Response: Engaging Customers in a Crisis

TransnetyxCOVID-19 Response: Engaging Customers During a CrisisIt’s safe to say that no one saw 2020 coming. When the pandemic struck, the entire world was taken by surprise. Sudden mandatory quarantines left people, businesses, and communities worldwide scrambling.One thing that the pandemic made clear, however, is the importance of research. The world needed researchers working on... View Article

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Improving Your Website’s Accessibility and Inclusive Design

When designing a website, people often focus on aesthetic and user experience – two of the most important factors. However, most companies design sites for what the everyday customer will want. They don’t always consider how functional their site is to those with disabilities. This exclusion can be a big deal from a customer and… View Article


You Only Have 10 Seconds to Nail Your Digital First Impression

"You only get one first impression” — or so we’ve all been told. While we’d argue that ever-shortening attention spans allow us to have more chances at first impressions, we don’t dispute the importance of making a lasting one. Unfortunately, you may be making the wrong kind of lasting impression if you neglect the tenants... View Article