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COVID-19 Response: Engaging Customers in a Crisis

TransnetyxCOVID-19 Response: Engaging Customers During a CrisisIt’s safe to say that no one saw 2020 coming. When the pandemic struck, the entire world was taken by surprise. Sudden mandatory quarantines left people, businesses, and communities worldwide scrambling.One thing that the pandemic made clear, however, is the importance of research. The world needed researchers working on... View Article


The Little Announcement That Could Change Email Marketing in a Big Way

Do you send out emails to a client or subscriber list? Are you publishing a newsletter and sending out an email reminder? Are you running a promotion you want to make sure your customers know about? Well, Google recently released new information that could make you rethink the way you send out your emails. While the buzz... View Article


Email Engagement: Improve Your Click-through Rates

So you’ve nailed your subject line, hit your customer with the information, and now you need them to act. Simple, right? Just throw in a button that says, “Go now.” Except it’s not that simple. The call-to-action (CTA) is the last step, but it’s also arguably the most important (and tricky). You have just a... View Article


inferno Helps FedEx Express® Freight Go Hog-wild

FedEx Express Freight always delivers on speed — and we kept that in mind while promoting their latest sweepstakes. FedEx Express Freight is offering their customers the chance to earn multiple entries to win a 2014 Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® by utilizing their express freight services. And extra speed pays off for customers — they earn... View Article


inferno Helps FedEx Fire Up Shop Small Campaign

When FedEx geared up to promote the notion of shopping small, they retained inferno for help getting the word out. FedEx gave away $1 million in $25 gift cards bearing the “Shop Small” message to increase awareness of November 24th as Small Business Saturday®. To support this effort, inferno created a campaign of online ads,... View Article


Eclectic Chic

Like art, fashion is in the eye of the beholder. At the intersection of visual acuity and style is inferno client Eclectic Eye. So there was little doubt Eclectic Eye should be a Memphis Fashion Week sponsor, but the question remained which sponsorship opportunity was the best fit. inferno public relations specialists and the Eclectic... View Article


Talking Golf Clubs Star in an Integrated Campaign for FedEx

When FedEx asked us to develop a campaign for their golf club shipping service, we wanted to make sure that the creative elements would catch golfers’ attention, and we wanted to make sure that customers could easily price and book club shipping for their next golf trip. The hub at the center of our consumer... View Article


inferno Gives Researchers a Taste of Transnetyx

Good lip service can work wonders for business — as Transnetyx recently demonstrated on a trip to Northwestern University’s campus with a handful of representatives, a truckload of cupcakes, and one savory ad campaign. To publicize the company visit, we created a concept that whet researchers’ appetites and drove foot-traffic to the cupcake site. Faculty... View Article