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inferno helps the world meet AMI, a new AI-driven solution from Transnetyx

Transnetyxinferno helps the world meet AMI, a new AI-driven solution from TransnetyxTo help researchers manage the efficiency of their labs, Transnetyx recently launched a revolutionary new AI for colony management. Artificial Mouse Intelligence (AMI) operates as an extension of the research team, working 24/7 to help manage colonies more efficiently with less effort.AMI allows researchers... View Article

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Paragon shares consumer insights to help guide economic recovery for Memphis businesses

Paragon is a different kind of bank, rooted in – and rooting for – the Memphis community. Bankers at Paragon believe that small and mid-size businesses deserve a local financial partner who cares about their success. The Outlook Memphis Economic Study is just one example of how Paragon Bank supports the local business community. For... View Article


Emerging Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Celebrating inferno’s 20th anniversary, we’ve enjoyed looking back at some of the wonderful projects we’ve worked on. Moving into a new decade, we’re excited by the prospect of projects to come, especially those that allow us to flex our creative muscles and build dynamic collateral that aligns with 2020 digital marketing trends. This past year… View Article


Give the Gift of Giving with FedEx St. Jude Classic Holiday Gift Packages

Every holiday season, the FedEx St. Jude Classic offers Holiday Gift Packages to break up the winter doldrums and make the season bright. These Holiday Hole-in-One packages make the perfect present for any golf-lover. Two different packages are available: the Player Package and the Fan Package. Both packages include tournament branded gear, as well as... View Article


Give CTAs in Print Ads Extra TLC

Ah, the Call To Action (CTA), often the unsung hero of any advertisement. Far less glamorous than the headline, the CTA does the heavy lifting to move potential customers from the advertisement to the next step in the sales process. All work and no play — the CTA. Granted, sometimes it’s less work. To move... View Article