Work January 20, 2016

Surviving the Holidays: A Gift for Our Clients


The holidays are the perfect time to show appreciation for those you care about. And for us, that’s our clients — so we create personalized tumblers for them every year as a “thank you” for working with us. This year’s tumbler included a survival guide based on lessons learned from some of our favorite holiday movies.

The holiday survival guide is the latest in one of our favorite holiday traditions at inferno. Over the last few years, we’ve also created:

The Thinking Cup
A collection of our favorite strategies for getting the creative juices flowing.

The inferno Year of Cheer
Drink recipes gathered and tested by our team for every season.

The All-Seeing i
Predictions for the new year from the inferno team. Liz totally called Caitlyn Jenner…even if she was a little off on the name.

We’re thankful for our clients and happy to provide an annual holiday gift they can look forward to and use year-round. These awesome tumblers are just one perk of working with inferno. If you’re looking for help with PR, advertising or digital marketing, we’ve assembled one of the best teams in the Mid-South to do so.

Check out our work and see how we can can help your business grow.