Work January 29, 2021

Sharing stories of hope with the 2020 Hope House Annual Report


Hope House staff work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for individuals and families affected by HIV and poverty every day. For children and families, Hope House provides a safe space for early childhood education and play therapy in a stigma-free environment. Adults living with HIV and their families can access a wide variety of services for support as they learn to live with their diagnosis and make the journey from poverty to financial stability. Hope House is a place they can depend on with people they trust: a place where hope lives.

Over the last year, nonprofits like Hope House have faced many new challenges. Financial struggles. New protocols. Questions about whether they can continue to provide the essential services on which their communities depend.

Designing the 2020 Hope House Annual Report

We knew the 2020 Hope House Annual Report would need to reflect the weight of these struggles. But, more importantly, it should convey the resilience of the children and clients at Hope House, as well as the staff, as they look forward to a more promising future.

For the annual report, we decided to use a more subdued color scheme. With black-and-white photos and muted red accents, the report is more subdued than previous years to recognize the difficulties of the past year.

The headline for the report, “Stories of Hope,” conveys that this annual report isn’t just a collection of data and financial statements. It’s the story of how volunteers, contributors, and clients have all found their own reasons to keep the mission of Hope House alive. Messaging throughout the report focuses on the importance of resilience, especially in the midst of a pandemic that has caused hardship for so many in the Memphis community. We also highlight phrases from each story that convey strength and hope for the future.


While the idea of reading an annual report may be enough to make many people start dozing, that doesn’t have to be the case. We focus on the reader­ – in this case, the donors and volunteers who love Hope House and believe in its mission. This report is designed to bring the stories of Hope House to the forefront and focus on the great work that is only possible with their support. Ready to work with us?

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