Work May 20, 2013

Paragon National Bank Gets Neighborly Over Coffee


When your middle name is “National”, sometimes it’s hard for people to think of you as the bank next door that’s committed to growing local businesses. That’s exactly the case for Paragon National Bank.

Paragon National Bank wanted a direct mail piece to reach out to business owners and warm them up to the bank’s local business focus. Rather than mailing out thousands at once, they wanted to send out a few every week and follow each contact with a personal phone call inviting the business owner to the bank for a conversation.

This personal, neighborly approach inspired inferno’s creative. The direct mail piece features coffee imagery on the exterior inviting the business owners to “perk up” their business with a special blend.

The interior is printed with coffee-scented ink, so business owners can smell the opportunity brewing when they open the perforated panel. Inside is an invitation to come into the bank and share a cup of coffee with a friendly, business-banking expert.

As an added incentive, business owners who come in for a friendly chat receive a $25 gift card to a locally owned coffee shop, underscoring the bank’s commitment to helping local businesses grow.