Work May 29, 2013

Navigating the Logistics of Brand Expansion


Streamlining communications to make effective contact can be a challenge. When ReTrans, a Memphis based logistics company approached us to help penetrate a niche category, we knew we could help them navigate the tricky road of reaching new markets.

Working with ReTrans we focused on the key factor that sets them apart: industry expertise.

ReTrans has significant experience moving finicky confectionary and snack products from the manufacturer to the retailer. Their specialized expertise is demonstrated in their ability to design and manage logistic solutions that preserve product integrity, achieve retailer compliance and help their food customers cost-effectively expand into new markets.

We helped ReTrans package those specialized services and create a sub-brand we named and launched as Reach.  Reach, Optimized logistics for brands on the grow, represents the niche logistics service ReTrans provides to food manufacturers looking to expand distribution or optimize existing distribution.

Initial brand implementation has included the development of targeted sales collateral and sales promotion materials.

With our help, ReTrans is reaching a wider customer base and successfully maneuvering the path of brand expansion.