Work May 10, 2016

Making a Mark with Signet


Brands need to make an impact to thrive. And no one knows that better than our client, Signet.

For more than 40 years, Signet has been creating promotional products to help businesses get noticed. And though they’ve constantly focused on offering creative promotional solutions, they felt their own brand needed an update. That’s when they turned to us.

For centuries, signet rings helped people literally make their mark. The rings placed a crest in a wax seal to help personalize written communications. We liked that story, but we wanted the brand to feel fresh and modern. The result is a logo that hints at the history of signet rings, represents who they are,  and delivers a bold pop of color.

We also carried the same idea into their tagline, “Make Your Mark.” This line perfectly captures what Signet does for their clients — and in this case, what we were able to do for them.

See their new brand in action by visiting their website.