Insight September 4, 2015

The Little Announcement That Could Change Email Marketing in a Big Way


Do you send out emails to a client or subscriber list? Are you publishing a newsletter and sending out an email reminder? Are you running a promotion you want to make sure your customers know about?

Well, Google recently released new information that could make you rethink the way you send out your emails.

While the buzz around the company’s August 10 announcement has focused on the introduction of Google Alphabet, Google made another, smaller announcement that could have huge implications for email marketers:

Google was granted a patent for “email spam and junk mail as a vendor reliability signal.”

So, what does that mean? The idea is that Google is going to make it much harder for email spam offenders to appear in their top search results, which could seriously impact traffic to your website. Gone are the days of sending out as many emails as possible to see what “sticks.”

These tips should be something you’re considering already, but they are critical to ensure the big G considers you a reliable service provider:

This latest move from Google shouldn’t be a major concern just yet…they’ve only been granted a patent. But it shows that Google is taking steps to force marketers to make more meaningful connections with potential clients and customers, which has significant implications for the way many companies handle email marketing.