Client News Work May 22, 2018 Thrives in Site Launch


For nearly 80 years, Lehman-Roberts Co. has helped communities where they live and work to thrive. As leaders in the asphalt paving industry, the company prides itself on creating a family environment where employees love to work.

Last year, they asked inferno to help them build a new website from the ground up. This meant creating a simple navigation, accessible content, and a design that communicates the company’s commitment to excellence.

An employee-friendly experience

Now, prospective employees can visit to get a sense of the family-driven culture at Lehman-Roberts Co. Additionally, current employees now have easier access to the support tools the company provides them, and community members have a place to learn about the positive impact Lehman-Roberts Co. has on the Mid-South.

A showcase for new core messaging

The Lehman-Roberts family operates according to four core values: Humility, Stewardship, Relationships, and Continuous Improvement. For the new site launch, we helped them develop a logo and branding for these values.

In the logo, four interlocked gears represent the Core Four values. The gears (and logo elements) all work together to demonstrate quality, industry-leading work. Together, they create a bold mark that shows the value of the Lehman-Roberts Core Four and the quality work the team produces.

And of course, the new site launch was the perfect time to unveil the Core Four messaging. With prospective and current employees visiting the site, this branding allowed us to quickly and boldly portray what it means to be a part of the Lehman-Roberts family.

The road to a better online experience

Check out the new site and see how inferno paved the way to help Lehman-Roberts Co. continue to grow their family. You’ll find out more about the Lehman-Roberts Core Four here.

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