Culture September 6, 2016

Playing with Fire Teams Go for the Gold in infernolympics Competition


Giant Jenga, Floor Volleyball, Wii Tennis, Noodle Hoops…with the summer Olympic season upon us, the inferno party planning committee decided it was about time we hosted a friendly competition of our own.

For infernolympics 2016, employees had the opportunity to compete in five events spread over two weeks, coinciding with the historic Games in Rio de Janeiro Games. infernites weren’t merely competing for medals and glory, but also coveted “Playing with Fire” points.

Playing with Fire is the yearlong competition between employees where three teams — each led by one of the agency partners — compete for points at agency events in hopes of winning the agency cup. Playing with Fire points were awarded for each event, and, needless to say, the competition was fierce.

Infernolympics Thumbnail

Going into the games, Badger Force was in the lead and determined to maintain their edge. Led by partner Dan O’Brien, they snagged Gold for the overall competition, but Pyronauts and Cap’n Cheese and the Peppa Jacks each managed to snag a Gold in individual events.

Highlights included a nearly two-hour game of giant Jenga, delicious snacks, and creative that used typography as a teaser for the upcoming events.

Of course, the infernolympic games would not be complete without a closing ceremony party — including one final event prior to the presentation of medals. Each team had the chance to select members to play Mumble Mouth, a game that requires players to wear a dental mouth guard, as their teammates try to interpret what they’re saying. You can watch partner Tim Sellers attempt to say “The Men’s Parallel Bars in Gymnastics” on our Instagram account to see what we mean.

Check out photos from the event: