Work March 13, 2013

inferno Updates Eclectic Eye’s Look


To recognize this 10-year milestone, Eclectic Eye founders and owners Dr. Michael and Robbie Johnson Weinberg wanted a sleek and contemporary update for their logo. They also wanted an online presence that wouldn’t require frequent content updates.

As a result, inferno created a cleaner, bolder version of their Eclectic Eye logo. Changes include dropping “The” from the name, removing the square brackets, using two colors in the eye, adding a dark grey, and simplifying the shape of the eye.

For a web presence, inferno created a page with the updated brand that included only the most important information, eliminating web maintenance issues.

Eclectic Eye shares time-sensitive information, such as events and special promotions, through Facebook and Twitter pages, which now sport the updated logo.

Other updates included a new email template and an ad.