Culture March 13, 2013

inferno Team Members Honored as Shining Lights with Fuelanthropic Event


One of the greatest things about inferno is our team’s passion for service. Fuelanthropic, the agency program aimed at fueling community involvement and empowering employees to serve, has donated 8,523 civic hours since the agency’s inception in 1999.

In 2012 alone, inferno employees racked up 725 volunteer hours.

inferno hosted a special dinner February 21 at South of Beale to honor agency members who contributed service hours in 2012. The festivities included an original cocktail designed for Fuelanthropic, called Fuel’s Gold.

Joining the fun were representatives from organizations served last year, including the American Cancer Society, Hope House, AAF Memphis, and the New Ballet Ensemble.

Thanks to the following inferno employees for bringing the same creativity and spirit to their volunteer work as they do to each of our clients. We can’t wait to see what they’ll do next year!

Ashley Burton
Teri Hanners
Amy Lind
Dan O’Brien
Michael Overton
Colleen Radish
Liza Routh
Lindsey Woodard
Mickey Woodham

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