Culture February 7, 2013

inferno Talent Brings the Heat to the Asheville Addys


A few weeks ago, the American Advertising Federation (AAF) in Asheville, NC, asked inferno’s own Linda Corti to join them as a design expert to help judge their local Addys. Though the Asheville market is small, they demonstrated impressive creative work, with quality matching any major market. Linda, whose quiet personality is usually more at home in a design chair than a judge’s chair, spent the weekend making tough decisions with an impressive set of submissions.

Linda’s highlights from the trip to Asheville:

  • Being treated like a queen by AAF Asheville with meals and accommodations (she deserves it)
  • Making new friends and contacts with the other judges and AAF Asheville members
  • Discovering connections between AAF Asheville and our local district
  • And of course, the fantastic work from the Asheville market. She specifically praised the logo designs.

The Asheville Addys are later this month. Good luck to all of the participants, and thanks to Linda for being a superstar. We’re proud you’re an infernite!

Check the AAF Asheville facebook (the link is at at the end of the month for a special interview with Linda.