Culture February 13, 2017

inferno Spices Things Up with Souper Bowl V: Battle of the Bowls


On February 3rd, as the rest of the country prepared for the big game, infernites geared up for a little in-house competition of our own Souper Bowl.

Prior to the event, “Battle of the Bowls” posters lined the halls, reminding employees it was almost time to kick-off our first event of 2017.

Souper Bowl V drew nine entrants, each vying for medals, glory, and the all-important “Playing with Fire” points.

Playing with Fire, our yearlong intra-agency competition for the agency cup, injects some friendly competition into every agency event. This year, with entries split evenly among the three teams, our sous-chefs decided to spice things up to win the day.

Out of the three chili recipes, two found their way to the top of the ballots — with a seafood gumbo snagging the third-place slot.

Of course, any agency event wouldn’t be complete without some good, clean fun in the form of themed mini-games. Following a #papergate incident at last year’s paper football competition, the event team decided to suspend The Longest Flick contest in favor of football charades and a mini football relay.

Reigning champions, Badger Force, acquired a heaping portion of Playing with Fire points by winning The Longest Yard relay, dominating charades, and snagging the top spot in the soup competition. Pyronauts and Cap’n Cheese and the Peppa Jacks will have to turn up the heat at the next event to even the score.

Congratulations to our winners. We can’t wait to see what yummy soups next season will bring!

First Place: Partner, Dan O’Brien – Texas Chili

Second Place: Robert Barnett – THX 1138 (Chili Verde)

Third Place: Anna Condon – Creole Seafood Gumbo