Lehman-Roberts Co.
inferno Maps "The Road Ahead"
Lehman-Roberts Co. (LRC) and Memphis Stone & Gravel Co. (MSG) have spent a combined 183 years producing construction materials and assisting in building local infrastructure in the Greater Memphis Area.
Together, more than 305 employees are spread across 15 locations in Memphis, West Tennessee and North Mississippi.
With employees spread out across the Greater Memphis Area, communication can be tough — that’s why LRC tasked inferno with redesigning their newsletter. The Road Ahead communicates company news to LRC and MSG employees. And is used as a marketing tool for current and potential customers.
A family-focused business, LRC wanted to highlight their philanthropic efforts and employee contributions, as well as to position themselves as a top safety leader.
We incorporated iconography that is synonymous with highway and road construction. Additionally, we chose an orange, black, and white color palette and distressed textures for the typography to create a look and feel that employees and customers alike would associate with construction and safety.
In addition to the newsletter, we also provide monthly PR and social media support.
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