Culture May 5, 2017

inferno Hosts an Art Competition for eARTh Day


What do you get when you combine our Playing with Fire teams, Earth Day, and huge piles of trash? An eARTh Day event for the record books.

With Earth Day fast approaching, the inferno event team knew it offered an opportunity to have a lot of fun and do some good. For the event, we tasked each Playing with Fire team to gather up recyclable materials that would be used in a Chopped-style art competition.

Each team had access to two rolls of tape for the contest, but had the opportunity to earn additional supplies in a rapid-fire email quiz blitz – masterminded by Senior Copywriter, Trish McLaughlin. In exchange for answering Earth Day-themed quiz questions, teams could earn:

• Rubber Bands
• Needle and Thread
• Color Markers
• Construction Paper
• Paint
• Tin Snips
• Sharpie
• Super Glue
• Glue Guns

Although the artwork didn’t have to follow the Earth Day theme, all three teams tackled a different facet of the environmental movement. Each team had the opportunity to present their piece to the judge, and displays were assessed based on concept, design, and execution.

Competition was stiff, but our guest judge, Erin Reynolds (Marketing Director for Evergreen Packaging), eventually awarded the win to Captain Cheese for their gorgeous jellyfish, which was accompanied by whale sounds and a presentation about ocean pollution.

At the end of the day, we recycled all the materials from the competition – many of which were gathered from friends or family who don’t regularly recycle – and spent the afternoon learning about how we can take action to solve a variety of environmental problems, one bottle at a time.