Celebrating 20 Years of infernoCelebrating 20 Years of inferno


Work August 19, 2013

inferno Helps Tipton-Rosemark Academy Highlight Brighter Futures


What sets a school apart isn’t just test scores or football wins — like any brand, it’s the school’s identity that makes a difference. The staff at Tipton-Rosemark Academy called on inferno to help them nail down their identity and build their brand. It didn’t take us long to see what makes them such a great school.

Rather than just helping students progress year to year, Tipton-Rosemark Academy aims to help students build a solid foundation for the rest of their lives. This focus drove their new tagline, “Bound for college. Prepared for life,” and set the tone for the rest of our work.

We developed a new admissions packet and redesigned their website to align with their new brand, tying in benefits such as one-to-one access to technology, high college acceptance rates, and low teacher-student ratios. In order to help prospective students and parents get to know the campus from home, we also produced a video tour that will be accessible from the website.

Tipton-Rosemark Academy is doing great work to help students develop skills for beyond high school. Take a look at some of our work to see how we’ve brought that dedication front and center.