Work September 12, 2013

inferno Gets It Done for Fullen Dock


inferno has worked for years to help establish Fullen Dock & Warehouse as the go-to dock for unloading cargo in Memphis. Last year, we refreshed their brand with an impactful ad campaign that used full-bleed photography and tough, direct language.

They loved our work, and recently asked us to bring that same look and feel to their website. But the redesign wasn’t just to establish a stronger brand — we needed to ensure the site felt modern and visitors could easily navigate their many services.

We used the same full-bleed photography in a responsive site design, giving the site a fresh look that worked on all browsers and devices. To incorporate the gritty attitude from the ad campaign, we chose imagery that reflected the hard work exhibited by Fullen Dock employees every day. We also kept the messaging short and direct:

“We’ve got the know-how.”
“We’ve got the drive.”
“We get the job done.”

Take a look for yourself to see how we’ve helped Fullen Dock establish a powerful brand and apply a modern style to that brand for their website.

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