Culture June 30, 2014

inferno Gets Called Up to the Big Leagues


Twice a year, inferno takes a day to recap our latest work and look forward to the good things ahead. Then we all get together for an agency-wide activity, giving us a chance to unwind and take a break from our day-to-day duties.

For our summer agency day, the partners asked everyone to report to work at 6:30 — but the event itself was shrouded in mystery. It wasn’t until we loaded onto a charter bus that we discovered we were headed to Busch Stadium for a Cardinals game.

On the bus, “Danimal” O’Brien presented a custom inferno jersey to each employee, complete with his or her nickname on the back. Donning our game gear, we started the day off right with snacks and drinks.

Next, it was time for the partners to give the semi-annual “Above and Beyond” awards. These awards (and an extra day off) go to employees who have been nominated by their peers for consistently giving 110% at the office. Congratulations to the four recipients: Isabelle Blais, Brandon Davis, Cristina Jucan, and Liza Routh.

Four hours later, we arrived in St. Louis and headed straight for the ballpark food. Once we claimed our spot in the shade, some of us mingled near the bars while others cheered on the Cards, foam fingers and all.

In the end, the Cardinals suffered defeat. But that didn’t keep us from having a ball on our St. Louis excursion. On the way home, the inferno bus stopped at Lambert’s Café, “Home of the Throwed Rolls,” to celebrate our big Agency Day win.

Thanks to Partners Dan, Tim, and Michael for knocking this Agency Day out of the park.

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