Culture July 22, 2013

inferno Employees Help Fuel Community at AAF Memphis


As an agency, we’re proud to have a hardworking, creative staff across the board. It’s easy to see that talent in-house, but we’re always excited to see our employees making a strong impact in our community.

In AAF Memphis, the local chapter of the American Advertising Federation, the quality of our team shines through Liza Routh and Mickey Woodham. Both Liza and Mickey bring enthusiasm and energy to their roles as leaders in AAF Memphis.

Liza currently serves on the Board of Directors as the Programs Chair. She helps coordinate social events and speakers for the monthly luncheons.

Mickey, an AAF Memphis member for 35 years, has served as president, vice president, member of the Board of Directors, and chair of numerous committees. She currently mentors new members and helps them move into leadership roles.

Here are Liza’s and Mickey’s Top 5 reasons to get involved in AAF Memphis:

  1. The people. You’ll meet industry pros, build a strong local network, and make new friends.
  2. The skills. AAF Memphis leadership roles help you learn to work with a team and manage resources and projects.
  3. The knowledge. AAF Memphis hosts monthly luncheons where speakers offer insight on everything from industry history to tips on improving the quality of your creative.
  4. The parties. It’s not all business. The leaders at AAF Memphis (including Liza and Mickey) work hard to create an environment where members can let loose.
  5. The people. Seriously. AAF Memphis is an invaluable networking resource for navigating the local ad scene.

But don’t just take their word for it. Find out more and get involved with AAF Memphis at

Thanks to Liza and Mickey for all your hard work. And thanks to our other AAF members, Ryan Knoll and Colleen Radish, for furthering our commitment to the local advertising community.