Work July 5, 2013

inferno Designs Annual Report to Fight Child Abuse and Neglect


The mission of The Exchange Club Family Center is to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect by replacing abusive and violent behavior with effective parenting skills. Dan O’Brien recently completed his two-year term as president of the Center’s Board of Directors since 2011. The agency has had the privilege of donating the design, copy and production expertise for the Center’s annual report for nine years.

The 2011-2012 The Exchange Club Family Center Annual Report is now available. The theme “Mending Families, Strengthening Communities,” highlights the Center’s life-saving work. Its compact, horizontal format with rounded corners is user-friendly, eliminating annual report “formality.”

A challenge in creating the report is communicating the Center’s mission and its staff’s passion while protecting the privacy of the many families that rely on the Center’s services.

Rather than showing a family on the cover, the front features a Teddy Bear with an adhesive bandage. This signifies the Center’s ability to “mend” families.

The interior pages feature vibrant, colorful collages that conjure up images of children. Bikes, toys, dolls and wagons combine with fabric related images to communicate the Center’s child-focused work.

The report’s copy focuses on the cycle of abuse and neglect and how the Center’s amazing staff and 23 programs help to break that cycle and restore hundreds of Memphis area families. It shares information from several perspectives, such as the President, a staff member, a volunteer, and a grateful parent.

The Annual Report also includes a donor envelope, making it easy for the reader to get excited about the Center’s work and give.

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