Work August 26, 2013

inferno Creates Signage That’s Easy on the Eyes


The eyewear architects at Eclectic Eye asked inferno to refresh their logo.

Right away, we set out to create something that would make their competitors green with envy.

Revamped logo in hand, we were asked to come up with some fresh ways to incorporate the design into Eclectic Eye’s two retail locations.

We knew we wanted to use the logo’s eye-catching green in a way that was simple yet bold. Our goal was to create memorable signage attuned to our client’s modern aesthetic.

First, we conducted a site survey to check sight lines and determine locations.

Then, we oversaw the fabrication of the refreshed logo as LED-illuminated reverse channel letters. We also specified an LED-illuminated black square atop a prominent base, which was painted the logo’s signature green.

Feel free to feast your eyes on our handiwork when driving by Eclectic Eye’s Midtown and Collierville locations.