Culture April 2, 2014

inferno Continues to Work for Hope


If you keep up with our blog posts, you’ve probably noticed our extreme competitive spirit. It’s a rare month at inferno when we aren’t in the middle of a cooking competition or a canine costume contest. But the burning desire to best our coworkers isn’t the only thing that drives us.

At inferno, we believe every day is an opportunity to make a difference in our community, and one way we give back is through our agency beneficiary. Every other year we vote to decide which organization our internal events will support.

We just closed the polls for 2014, and we’re excited to announce that we chose to continue our existing relationship with Hope House for two more years.

Hope House, which has been our beneficiary since 2012, is a Memphis-based organization devoted to helping children and families affected by HIV and AIDS. For the past two years, we’ve supported their work through fundraising, donating supplies, participating in events, and sponsoring families.

Since 2012, we’ve raised more than $3,000 and donated more than 150 items for Hope House. We’re thrilled to keep adding to those totals.

For more information on Hope House and the amazing work they do, visit