Insight June 11, 2019

How Marketing Plays a Role in Your Patient or Customer Experience


Creating a streamlined customer experience is important, starting from the moment a patient walks through your door. However, your opportunities to leave a good impression often happen outside of the walls of a medical center.

Before any patient steps foot into your facility, they’ve most likely conducted some kind of research to better understand your brand, your service offerings and your team. And in most cases, something they saw led them to choose your business over someone else’s. Effective and high-quality marketing is a crucial component for the success of healthcare providers. If you’ve overlooked this area of your business, don’t stress. We’re here to share a few tips to help you make the most of your healthcare brand.


Provide consistent information.

Information that a patient finds on your website should be supported by credible reviews on Google My Business or other third-party platforms. Google My Business allows you to promote your website and business information on Google Search and Maps. Here, you can respond to comments, connect with your customers and see what people are saying about your business. According to Google, one in 20 searches is for health-related information. Make sure the information that potential patients are reading reinforces a positive experience. They want to trust your expertise, and that starts with trusting your brand.

Providing a consistent experience goes far beyond physical patient interaction. The design of your website, the appeal of your logo and your presence on social media reinforce the statement you’re making as a brand, so it’s important to invest in these areas.

Make the patient experience easy.

An important part of making the customer experience more rewarding is through personalization. Send patients reminders, make it easier for them to make appointments and write follow-up messages. You’ll also want to work on things like making your website easy to navigate, providing prompt online feedback, supplying thorough information, sending out patient surveys and making paperwork available on your website.When we look at the numbers, 80 percent of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Guaranteeing a positive customer experience provides you with more opportunities to keep patients around and form valuable relationships with them.

Finding patients – and getting them to stay – is where marketing works its magic. Paid search ads are one way to reach specific groups of people. These ads can be segmented based on geographical location, interests, age, gender and much more.

Working with a marketing expert can help bring your message to people who are looking for it. Innovating your patient experience is not a one-size-fits-all pursuit. Promoting your business, attracting patients and retaining them looks different for your healthcare brand than it does for someone else’s. Nevertheless, you’re the expert in the field, and effective marketing can help prove that.

Looking to elevate your healthcare company? Let’s chat. In the meantime, take a look at some of the work we’ve done for various healthcare brands.