Work August 7, 2017

Helping a Local Business Move Forward with Video


People love stories. One of the best parts of utilizing video in your marketing is that you can give customers a solid emotional connection to your business. By telling your story through video, you’re putting a face to your service and helping customers discover where they fit into your story.

And that’s exactly what we wanted to provide for Lehman-Roberts Company and their sister-company, Memphis Stone & Gravel Company. For more than 75 years, Lehman-Roberts has been paving the Mid-South with a strong focus on relationships, humility, stewardship, and continuous improvement.

We wanted their video to paint a picture of Lehman-Roberts through the lens of those four core values. What we created is a video that helps demonstrate who the people behind Lehman-Roberts are – not some faceless group who paves streets, but a company who’s invested in their community, their work, and their employees.

Take a look at the finished product and see how telling a powerful story can help your audience make a stronger connection with your business.