Work September 24, 2020

Helping a New Brand Get the Recognition It Deserves


When it comes to keeping people safe and facilities secure, Incyte Intelligent Security is looking forward. Their AI technology allows existing security systems to become proactive, enhancing monitoring through facial recognition, 24/7 AI monitoring, and real-time alerts. The company provides unique security insights for businesses, schools, retirement communities, and religious organizations. But creating a brand that inspires trust and recognition requires a different kind of insight.

Logo and branding

inferno worked with the team at Incyte to create a brand that matched the cutting-edge security solutions they offer. Their logo uses a simple, modern sans serif font. The i was given a graphic dot of an ever-vigilant eye to reinforce the benefits of their technology. A red-and-grey color palette combines a sense of alert monitoring with technological prowess — a fitting representation for Incyte.

Brand guidelines

We created brand guidelines that would drive their messaging. While Incyte provides the best in AI-enhanced security, they also make the technology easy for anyone to implement using their existing security cameras. Establishing that relatability meant creating a messaging style that doesn’t get overly technical. It’s smart security to make any organization safer.

The website is easy to navigate, demonstrates how Incyte serves multiple industries, and gives visitors a clear call to action to request a demo of the technology.


The website also displays a video we developed that speaks clearly to the benefits of Incyte’s security solutions.

Incyte is always watching out for organizations who need protection. We like that philosophy. And that’s why inferno is always watching out for brands who need help defining who they are and connecting them with the right audiences.

If you’re looking to define or refresh your brand, inferno can help with everything from logo and tagline development to a full website launch.