Grace Medical
Small World. Big Deal.
Grace Medical is an otology-driven company. Its narrow focus helps make a bigger difference. By specializing, Grace Medical is able to be a complete partner to otologists – leveraging the most experienced otology team in the market to support collaborative innovations and forge deeply productive clinical and business relationships.
This approach to service and to building genuinely supportive relationships has made Grace Medical the market leader in adult and pediatric middle ear implants, tubes, and instrumentation in the U.S. and a trusted resource worldwide.
We were asked by Grace Medical to take a fresh look at its brand. To align the company's positioning to its core beliefs. To develop a new design language and executions that support its position as the market leader. The process began with in-depth interviews to uncover insights, co-creation of a new positioning narrative, and a shared understanding of the organization's future. This groundwork informed a dynamic brand refresh and the design of a brand platform with a clear plan for moving forward.
"Our goal in defining the strategy for the Grace Medical brand was clarity. Clarity in the design. Clarity in the presentation of information. That clarity is a direct reflection of the innovation process that Grace Medical employs to provide healthcare professionals and patients with advanced solutions."
Michael L Overton, Partner + Creative Director
We Listen.
The new positioning statement is built around Grace Medical's innovation model. This means eliminating the static and ambient chatter that detracts and distracts from meaningful conversations with the otologists it serves. This clarity is evident in the company's communications — simple, clear, accessible, and focused.
Intentional design and content
With our design, we eliminated noise so that Grace Medical's customers can focus on what matters. New elements include value propositions for products and simplified layouts.
Magnification because micrometers matter
Otology is a small world, literally. By highlighting all the small details with clarity, the new brand platform makes Grace Medical's innovations a really big deal.
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