Culture July 31, 2015

Fuelanthropic Friday: What We’ve Been Up To


That’s the mindset that inspired us to create Fuelanthropic, inferno’s philanthropy initiative. Each infernite receives one week of paid civic time per year, encouraging employees to choose a cause they care about and volunteer during normal work hours. Luckily, our group has a variety of interests, which allows us to give back through a diverse set of organizations that do great work.

Let’s see what three of our volunteers have been up to recently.

Kenny Wilson took a break from web development to share his extensive game library with the patrons at Anime Blues Con, where he was charged with running the board game room. This year, the convention benefited the Mid-South Food Bank and had more than 4,000 attendees.

When it comes to giving blood, Teri Hanners is no rookie. She’s donated to Lifeblood quite a few times, so she knows their supply tends to run low in the summer, as many regular donors have a harder time giving on a regular basis. Thanks for stepping up to the platelet, Teri!

Revolutions Bicycle CoOp has partnered with the City of Memphis Division of Parks and Neighborhoods to assemble and maintain Easy Rider Tri-Cycles, three-wheeled rides for the public’s enjoyment. Our own Anne Dugan was one of 10 volunteers who rode the bikes to Tiger Lane for their unveiling, which was led by Director Janet Hooks. Anne even helped demo the bikes for first-timers.

You can learn more about Fuelanthropic and the great organizations we serve here.