Culture December 2, 2013

Fuelanthropic Catches Fire


On National Philanthropy Day, we held a Lunch ‘n Learn to recognize our newest members of Fuelanthropic, a program that gives inferno employees up to one week of paid leave to work in the community.

This year, inferno Partner Tim Sellers noticed a trend: more employees are taking advantage of their civic leave than have done so in the past. To celebrate, we wheeled in some tacos, chowed down, and listened to our co-workers talk about the awesome work they’ve been doing.

Anne Dugan took us behind the scenes of her work with the Indie Memphis Film Festival, and Joe McLaughlin described his work with St. Mary’s Catholic Church Soup Kitchen, the FedEx St. Jude Classic, and BRIDGES.

Additionally, special guest Brandon Bland from BRIDGES, USA spoke to us about his work with that organization and explained the many ways to get involved there. After the presentations, we recognized the 17 people who have been using their civic time so far this year.

We’re stoked that Fuelanthropic has been catching fire recently. Everyone keep up the good work!