Work January 20, 2017

Fisher Phillips Covers Hot Topics in Workplace Law


In the midst of the most polarizing presidential election in recent memory, the inferno PR team saw an opportunity to leverage our client’s expertise in labor and employment law. We were able to help secure coverage for the attorneys of Fisher Phillips Memphis both leading up to and following the election by focusing on three hot topics.

  1. Politics in the Workplace
    When politics is a topic as heated as it’s been in the last year, it’s hard to resist water-cooler talk about whether you’re pro Clinton, pro Trump, or worried about Brexit. But is the office the right place to discuss your political affiliations?
    Prior to the election, we pitched a news segment to discuss the pros and cons of politics in the workplace, which led to a WREG Live a 9 segment with two of the firm’s attorneys the morning of the first presidential debate.
  2. Immigration and the Workforce Under the Trump Administration
    Voters across the political spectrum agreed on one thing during an otherwise divisive election—jobs and the economy are the most important issues in America. The big question is, how will labor and employment change under the Trump administration?
    The week after the election, one of the Fisher Phillips partners, David Jones, hosted a half-day immigration seminar. We capitalized on the partner’s expertise to predict what immigration will look like under the Trump administration and used the timeliness of this topic following Trump’s win to secure coverage promoting the seminar.
  3. Other Anticipated Workplace Law Changes Under Trump
    Following the election, attorneys David Jones and Rob Ratton lent their expertise for several articles on possible delays to the new overtime wage rules and other anticipated changes under Trump’s administration. When Fisher Phillips issued a Department of Labor legal alert following the interview, the PR team provided information from the alert as a possible tie-in with the article.

In addition to the coverage surrounding election, the team coordinated a Q&A with attorney Martin Thompson about anticipated changes or things to watch for on the legal front in 2017, which ran the Memphis Business Journal.

As immigration and employment issues continue to be hot topics under the new administration, the PR team will be working to find new ways to position Fisher Phillips as the go-to resource for labor and employment law.


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