Culture December 21, 2018

Feast Your Eyes on the New inferno Board Game


Our inferno family has grown by leaps and bounds during the past year. With so many new faces, it’s only natural that we should invent a new Thanksgiving tradition.

Competition goes with Thanksgiving like Pumpkin Pie – it’s sweeter when shared among friends. That’s why our creative team set out to design a board game that would shake our Playing with Fire team members out of their tryptophan-induced comas and get them excited about competing for the PWF cup.

In honor of National Monopoly Day, the creative team designed a jumbo-sized game where the goal was to collect (fake) food-stuffs instead of real estate. The first team to fill up their plate with all five foods won!

We kept the plans a secret from most of the agency, but made an exception for our Norman Rockwell-style photoshoot models. Our picture-perfect inferno family was plastered on posters throughout the office to tease the upcoming competition.

You can check out the poster and read the rules for Gobbleopoly below. It’s a bellyful of fun!