Blu D’or Interiors Branding

When your business is focused on aesthetics, your brand has to look good. And we were happy to help Blu D’or Interiors create a fresh look with plenty of style. Their brand is attractive. It’s inviting. And it highlights the elegant taste of Blu D’or Interiors..

Eclectic Eye Branding

With a name like “Eclectic Eye,” customers expect a stylish personality. And we maintained a similar eye for style when we developed their brand. Using modern type and a clean, simple logo, we’ve positioned Eclectic Eye as the go-to source for fashionable eyewear.

Harmonyx Branding

People aren’t just numbers on a chart. They’re individuals. And because each individual is unique, you can’t depend on one prescription to work for everyone. The professionals at Harmonyx offer testing to ensure patients are taking medications that are right for them. inferno wanted their branding to reflect the ideas of health, harmony, and individuality. We developed an attractive aesthetic that highlights happy, healthy, patients.

Paragon Bank Branding

Paragon Bank is a local bank focused on helping people. But regardless of a bank’s accessibility, customers want to know they’re dealing with someone they can trust. To help build that sense of trust, inferno build a powerful brand around the bank’s newly created logo. With striking visuals and brash, clever messaging, Paragon shows local-bank care and big-bank reliability.

NuVasive Product Branding

NuVasive has an extensive line of products and procedures – and each one has its own branding. inferno has been instrumental in the development of these brands, creating distinct looks for each product while helping them all fit into the over-arching NuVasive brand.

The Recording Academy Grammy U Branding

To get the next generation involved in the GRAMMY culture, inferno created this branding designed to reach young musicians and encourage them to learn more about the industry. The logo incorporates the iconic GRAMMY logo into a grungy, indie-inspired design.

Diversified Trust Brand Photography

It’s easy for a wealth management company to seem like a faceless organization full of “suits.” Our photography shows that Diversified Trust is anything but that — they’re approachable, friendly, and real. And they’re dedicated to serving their clients as effectively as possible.

Diversified Trust Customer Booklet

Designed with a clean, easy-to-read layout, this booklet helps customers learn more about what Diversified Trust has to offer while celebrating the company’s 20 years of service.

Benefit Recovery Branding

Benefit Recovery Branding
Benefit Recovery offers subrogation services for clients, allowing them to earn more money from the recovery of healthcare claims. And when your clients' money is at stake, you want them to know that you're both caring and professional. Using a clean look with engaging colors, we were able to bring that feel to the Benefit Recovery brand.

Valley View | K&D Agri Branding

Valley View Agri-Systems provides excellent grain storage and material handling, and they wanted to be viewed as a respected name in the agriculture industry. The bold typography and design focused around silos (a recognizable icon for the industry) helps position Valley View right where they want to be in the market.

Self+Tucker Architects Branding

Architecture is all about strategic design. And we wanted to incorporate that idea into their branding. With a logo that interlocks the “STA” of Self+Tucker Architects in an interesting way, we were able to create a brand that draws attention to the creative design of the architects at the firm.