Eclectic Eye
Eclectic Eye puts their focus on the customer with quarterly newsletter.
Local eyewear retailer and optometry provider Eclectic Eye is known for having a unique perspective. So it’s no surprise that they see things differently when it comes to customer engagement.
Sometimes, the hardest thing to remember about marketing your business is that it isn’t about you. The team at Eclectic Eye understands just how critical it is to keep their audience at the core of every communication. They know that when you make it your mission to surprise and delight customers, you build a reputation for putting them first and sharing only the best content.
When it comes to their quarterly Eyelights email newsletter, finding ways to generate excitement for subscribers is their number one goal. After all, the more relevant the content, the more likely customers are to engage with it. So, how did we craft an email newsletter that people actually want to read? Here’s a sneak peek at our strategy for building an engaged email audience:
Choose your content wisely.
Coming up for the content for your email newsletter can be a challenge. Unsurprisingly, many business owners zero in on the opportunities for self-promotion. But that can be short sighted. Instead, you should focus on what your customers want to see when they click on your email.
Eyelights readers look forward to being the first to know about special promotions, upcoming events, and new product releases. The newsletter gives subscribers a sneak preview that other customers cannot access. These topics draw readers in, but we also include news and announcements about the Eclectic Eye team. Striking a balance between value-add content and promotion is the key to success.
Don’t overwhelm your readers.
With any email marketing campaign, cadence is important. Designing beautiful emails with rich, engaging content can earn you subscribers – but one of the most common reasons for customers to unsubscribe is because they receive too many emails. If you reach out too often, you may not be able to maintain the quality of your content long term.
We strike a good balance for Eclectic Eye with a quarterly newsletter. Information about upcoming events and promotions are still timely, but we don’t bombard customers with updates. A one-size-fits all approach isn’t an effective strategy to decide the right cadence for your fit, so make sure to think carefully about how often makes sense for your business.