Work June 28, 2019

Using branding to ‘frame’ Eclectic Eye and its carefully curated eyewear


When we started working with Eclectic Eye in 2004, we wanted their brand to be inspired by what they do. We created a logo design that incorporates a visual representation of an eye, as well as the letter “e” to represent their name. It was important to choose a typeface that was light, clean and modern to allow the green to play a bigger role in their overall branding.

In the process of developing the Eclectic Eye brand, we came to understand that they view eyewear as art you wear on your face. Their core audience is individualistic and artistic, and we wanted the brand to reflect the value of creativity the Eclectic Eye audience showcases. It was essential that the visual aesthetic of their brand be geared toward highlighting the details, nuances and unique elements of every frame and every personality. These details are reflected across their website and social media pages with bold colors and textures.

When crafting social media imagery for Eclectic Eye, we seek to combine expressive elements and a wide range of colors to reflect the creativity of the independent manufacturers and designers they work with.

We apply these principles to all of the promotional materials we create, whether it is a trunk show or an art show. Our goal is to serve the brands and artists displayed in-store, while also boasting the Eclectic Eye personality and top-of-the-line service through collaborative and creative design.

Our team developed a mantra that suits Eclectic Eye well. It reads, “Put Your Style on Display.” This concept plays on the idea of hanging a frame to showcase a piece of art. We embodied this with the brush strokes used in the Eclectic Eye branding, combining art and eyewear in a very tangible way. This reinforces the belief that the customer’s sense of style is like a piece of art.

Ready to put your style on display? We are ready to help.