Insight May 9, 2014

Developing a PR Strategy That Goes the Distance


When it comes to PR, everything comes down to strategy. Setting goals, staying flexible, and putting in the hard work it takes to succeed — all of these are key to building a PR presence for the record books. And according to Beth Wilson, PR Manager and marathon runner, developing that winning strategy is a lot like training for a marathon. Here are a few tips from Beth on how PR (personal record) training can play into your PR (public relations) best practices.

  1. Assess and strategize. Training for a marathon doesn’t happen overnight.To succeed, you need to set reasonable goals and stick to them. In PR, putting these objectives in writing is critical to planning activities and evaluating performance.
  2. Think ahead. Planning event-to-event isn’t the way to go — you need to begin with the end in mind. That’s why it’s important to plan as much as a year in advance and give yourself time to flesh out ideas as they approach.
  3. Work hard up front. Every mile counts in training. No one starts out running 26.2 miles, and your company (or client) shouldn’t try to take off without the proper legwork. Research is the key here — take a long, hard look at what works, and be diligent about incorporating that information into your strategy.
  4. Be quick on your feet. Anything can happen on race day. And in public relations, every day is race day. Bad publicity happens, so maintaining a strong crisis communication plan is crucial.

The same dedication Beth shows on the course is what makes her an asset to the inferno team. According to her, focus and commitment are the key differentiators in successful PR strategies:

“The lessons I’ve learned training for marathons give me peace of mind in completing daily tasks. While PR plans are always subject to change, hard work and solid goals help me stay focused on providing the best strategies for our clients.”

If you’re ready to go the distance, let us know . inferno can help get your PR strategy in shape.