COVID-19 Response: Engaging Customers During a Crisis
It’s safe to say that no one saw 2020 coming. When the pandemic struck, the entire world was taken by surprise. Sudden mandatory quarantines left people, businesses, and communities worldwide scrambling.
One thing that the pandemic made clear, however, is the importance of research. The world needed researchers working on a cure for COVID — and beyond that, critical research into other cures and treatments needed to progress. Because it takes time to establish lab protocols and observe results, even a two-week shutdown could potentially set scientists back months.
Naturally, the research world, like the rest of us, needed a solution. Transnetyx offers a variety of automated services, such as genotyping, colony management, and genetic monitoring to help researchers outsource necessary tasks. Now that staffing was limited and labs were creating new protocols, their service was more valuable than ever.
So Transnetyx turned to inferno to help them find the best way to reach out to labs. Our team worked with Transnetyx to identify key scenarios that labs may be facing, such as limited staffing, limited lab time, or new social distancing protocols. We then helped them create a messaging strategy that engaged customers with targeted HubSpot emails around those potential scenarios.
"As a business you have to manage two critical issues during a crisis: how the crisis affects you, and (more importantly) how it affects your customers."
The emails brought researchers to landing pages designed to continue the journey and promote Transnetyx services that could help improve a lab's situation. These targeted emails were some of the highest performing marketing efforts in company history.
As a business, you have to manage two critical issues during a crisis: how the crisis affects you, and (more importantly) how it affects your customers. By recognizing the pain points researchers faced during COVID-19, Transnetyx was able to improve their customers’ situation while growing their own brand recognition and loyalty.
Transnetyx has long been a client we admire for their game-changing service and commitment to improving the research community. We were thrilled to see this campaign’s success, especially in such a difficult time for the industry.
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