Work October 7, 2016

Cooking Up a New Brand: Catherine & Mary’s


Great dining is about more than a solid recipe. It’s about sharing an experience. A warm bowl of pasta, garlic and spices rising to meet you. A glass of wine, hitting just the right note as you take that first sip. Family and friends sitting across from you — talking, laughing, creating memories.

That’s what our client, Catherine & Mary’s, brings to its guests. The owners, Andrew Ticer and Michael Hudman, have created an atmosphere that’s at once reminiscent of their roots in Sicily and Tuscany and tied to the soul and spirit of Memphis. Even the building itself, with its rich heritage and intricate design as the former Hotel Chisca, pays homage to the past. All of their hard work and passion culminates in an experience that you won’t soon forget — and of course, the food is phenomenal.

So when they approached inferno for branding, we wanted to capture all of those key elements of their business. The logo’s detailed design harkens back to the culture and time when Andrew and Michael’s grandmothers (the titular Catherine and Mary) developed their family recipes. And the typeface, monogram, and other elements all give the feeling of fine dining—portraying the elegance and passion demonstrated by everyone at the restaurant.

We really enjoyed working with the team at Catherine & Mary’s, who clearly love what they do. Take a look at the branding elements we created, and stop by their new location downtown to experience their passion yourself.