Work November 4, 2013

Combining a Responsive Philosophy with a Responsive Design for ReTrans


After helping ReTrans brand their services, our next step was to refresh their website.

ReTrans built its success on relationships and responsiveness. Rather than generating a lot of content that the user would have to navigate, we wanted a navigational approach that started “listening” to site visitors from the moment they arrived at the home page.

To create these “listening” pathways, we had to put ourselves in the visitors’ shoes and consider their thought processes:  “What brought me to this site? What’s frustrating about my current logistics solution? What’s motivating me to seek information?”

After we understood the needs and emotions driving site visitors, we created questions to tap into those feelings. As visitors respond to each question, links take them to content that’s most relevant to their needs.

Regardless of the path the user follows, contact information is front and center on each page.

From a design standpoint, we updated the site’s look and feel.

We also executed the site with responsive design, making it easier to navigate and read on any size device — phone, tablet, or desktop.

See how we’re taking a business known for their responsiveness and translating that to the web. Check out the ReTrans site here.