Smith & Nephew Hat-Trick Product Launch

To help this new system get on its feet, inferno developed ads and an informative guide showing how HAT-TRICK can decrease pain for patients after toe surgery while making the process easy for surgeons.

Smith & Nephew Global Sales Meeting Videos

Smith & Nephew asked inferno to help build a sense of camaraderie and purpose at their global sales meeting. These videos served as both an introduction to the meeting and a rallying call to show sales representatives from around the world that they’re a part of a system that truly makes a difference.

Smith & Nephew Collateral Material

inferno has developed collateral pieces for a number of Smith & Nephew products. With concepts using everything from active, relatable photography to clean, medical imagery, we created each piece to maximize audience response.

Smith & Nephew Peri-Loc Animated Sales Promotion

This town isn't big enough for more than one plating solution. We created these videos to help educate the sales force at Smith & Nephew on the Periarticular Locked System and encourage them to share the advantages of PERI-LOC with their customers.

Smith & Nephew Animated Viagraf Sales Promotion

Convincing a sales force to add a product just makes economic sense. In these videos, we used a noir detective theme to encourage the Smith & Nephew sales force to make their innovative VIAGRAF DBM Bone Graft Substitute a part of their portfolio.

Smith & Nephew Corporate Communications

Communicating within your company is just as important as communicating with your customers. inferno has created several pieces to help Smith & Nephew communicate new products, success stories, and corporate news with their employees.