inferno helps the world meet AMI, a new AI-driven solution from Transnetyx
To help researchers manage the efficiency of their labs, Transnetyx recently launched a revolutionary new AI for colony management. Artificial Mouse Intelligence (AMI) operates as an extension of the research team, working 24/7 to help manage colonies more efficiently with less effort.
AMI allows researchers to spend less time on administrative tasks — providing the value of an employee completely dedicated to colony management. AMI is a paid extension of the free Transnetyx Colony software. Because AMI has the potential to significantly cut cage costs and increase the scientific output of labs, we wanted to make sure this new feature didn’t go unnoticed. That’s why we created a targeted campaign to give researchers, lab managers, and high-level decision makers the opportunity to see what AMI can do with a free trial.
inferno worked with the Transnetyx team to develop the name, establish her personality, and determine her voice, tone and inflection. We then created a series of animated videos to introduce AMI and all the actionable insights she can provide. In each video, AMI greets the viewer as if she were a real employee and outlines what she can bring to their team.
Researchers already know that Transnetyx is on the cutting edge of automated genotyping and colony management. AMI pushes the boundaries of how the company assists ground-breaking research even further. Our branding strategy also needed to push the boundaries of what researchers expect from Transnetyx: AMI isn’t a simple software feature — she’s a full-fledged team member.