Insight May 14, 2019

3 Tips for Perfecting Your Email Marketing Strategy


email marketing strategy

Most of us have signed up to receive emails from our favorite brands – whether it’s in hopes of scoring a discount or being the first to know when a pair of sneakers comes back in stock. We also know firsthand what it feels like to receive an email from a brand we did not sign up for. When scrolling through our inbox, it’s fairly easy to note which emails are important to us and which ones are not.

According to HubSpot, 59% of consumers say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions. And those purchase decisions can lead to revenue. As a business, understanding what your customers want and how they want to be communicated with is key to building an effective email marketing strategy (and ultimately increasing your bottom line). Here are three tips for those looking to improve their inbox efforts with a better email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Strategy Tips

Personalize your message

Email list segmentation is the process of dividing your subscribers into smaller segments based on criteria such as interests or purchase history. This allows you to make your content more relevant and personalized. Segmentation shows your subscribers that you are listening and paying attention to their wants and needs. Be sure to avoid sending mass emails every day, and instead focus on being strategic with your message.

If you break it down, it’s pretty simple: Personalized content can lead to higher conversions. In fact, marketers who have used segmented campaigns have reported as much as a 760% increase in revenue.

Focus on content 

Every time you send a new email, make sure you’re delivering something of tangible value. The value of your content is directly related to the number of open rates. Catchy subject lines are one way to get people open your emails. Once they do that, the content inside should leave them wanting to read messages from you over and over again. According to Emailmonday, about 3 in 5 consumers check email on their mobile device. Is your content lining up with this statistical evidence? Is what you’re sharing practical for someone checking the news on their daily commute or looking for a coupon in the checkout line? Mobile-friendly messaging should be both visually-appealing and succinct.

Bring your brand to life

Email marketing allows businesses to bring human emotion into their brand. Out of 1,400 advertising campaigns, those with purely emotional content performed approximately twice as well. Furthermore, 56% of brands using an emoji in their email subject line had a higher open rate than those that did not. This form of emotional marketing provides a unique opportunity to announce improvements, acknowledge pitfalls if/when they happen and express gratitude for support. Receiving an email is a way for customers to feel like they’re having a one-on-one conversation with your brand. Tell the story of your company and educate your audience on how you got started. Taking advantage of this particular marketing tactic will help your emails stay top-of-mind in your customers’ crowded inbox.

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